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It is used for the treatment of Myiasi & Prevention of Fly strike.

About Product

Direction of Use : Clip the hair around the wound & throughly clean the wound with an antiseptic solution. After that the lesion should be dusted with Bacderm. Bacderm can be mixed with paraffin or oil & infused into deep tunnel wounds, Avoid contact with eyes. Contraindicated for cats.

For the treatment of Myiasi & Prevention of Fly strike

Potent larvividal & bacteriostatic powder for wound granulation & tissue regeneration

Permethrin 2%w/w
Sulphanilamide B.P. 5% w/w
Zinc oxide I.P. 2%w/w
Excipients q.s

Indications : Ideal for all animals except cats, for all types of wounds. Bacderm is for external uses Only.(Not for Human use.)

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