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Worm-Tek XL Tablet

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Product Code: worm-tek-xl-tablet

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3x4 Tab


About Product :

Worm-Tek XL de-worms your pet

Each uncoated tablet contains. :

Praziquantel BP.
Pyrantel embonate IP.
504 mg
Febantel BP.
525 mg

Worm-Tek XL Tablet
Administration : By oral route, or mixed with food. No special dietary measures required.
Adults : Treat regularly once every 3 months, or considering potential of exposure to parasites and the prepatent period of worms.
Breeding Bitches : Consult the Veterinary Practitioner for expert advice.
Newly acquired puppies/adults : Immediately and repeat 2 weeks later. Follow guide lines as above.
Dosage : One tablet of Worm-Tek XL /35 Kg body weight per OS
Storage : Protect from direct light & store in a cool dry place.

Worm-Tek XL* secures your puppies & dogs against tapeworm, round worm, hookworm & whipworm. Consult your Veterinary Doctor for exact dosage & administration

Caution : Do not use simultaneously with compounds containing Piperazine. For use in pregnent and lactating bitches consult the Veterinary Doctor.

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