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It prevents the pet’s body against the ticks/fleas and Lices.

About Product

Usage Instruction :
Clean the affected area and bath the animal before treatment. Pat dry with a towel. Dilute TIKRID as per suggested dilution and apply all over the body with through scrubbing . Avoid sensitive areas like eyes & ears. Allow it to air dry. Do not wash after application. Wash hands and arms with soap and water after treating the pet.

Precautions :

  • Do not use on sick/ pregnant/ nursing/under 4 months animals.
  • Causes sedation may be up to 72 hrs. Specially in small or miniature breeds of dogs, may cause pruritis, polyuria/ ploydypsia.
  • In diabetic animals use only with specific permission of your veterinary doctor, Diabetic owners should avoid contact with this product.
  • Tikrid may interact with other medicines.if your pet is on medications like steroids or azathioprine, consult your veterinary doctor before using this product.

Do not use in cats : Dermal/Topical as wash, normally once a week.

Dillution : As indicated below in one litre of water.

Dogs : Ticks/Fleas/Lice: 2 ml

Large Animals : Ticks/Fleas/Lice: 2 ml
Ear-sore, hump-sore, tail-sore- 2 ml Mange- 3-4 ml In Severe cases of infestation, a second treatment is recommended 7-10 days after the first application. For Sarcoptic Mange, 2-3 applications and for Demodectic mange, 5-8 applications. Amitraz should not be used on sick, pregnant, nursing or under 4 months of age.

Composition :
Each ml Contains:
Amitraz I.P Vet.12.5% w/v
Emulifiable carrier q.s.

  • For use only under supervision of Registered Veterinary Practitioner.
  • Read enclosed insert carefully use.

Veterinary :
Not for Human use / for Animal use only. For External Use only.
Store in a cool and dry place.
Protected from direct sunlight.

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