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Pet-O-Vitab Plus

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Product Code: pet-o-vitab-plus

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60 Tablets

About Product :
Petovitab Plus is the ultimate blend of amino acids, minerals and vitamins that work together to support a healthy immune system, circulatory functions and inhibits aliments. Petovitab Plus provides a blend of required nutrients for the synthesis of protien, many of which may be lacking in commercial pet foods.

Direction for use : For best results, use daily throughout you pet's life. Give as treat or crumble and mix with food according to the following schedule :

Small Dogs & Cats (less than 9kgs) 1 Tablet Daily
Mid-sized Dogs (10-18 kgs) 2 Tablet Daily
Large Dogs (19-27 Kgs) 3 Tablet Daily
Large Dogs (27-36 Kgs) 4 Tablet Daily
Very Large Dogs (37-45 kgs) 5 Tablet Daily
Giant Breed (46-68 Kgs) 6-7 Tablet Daily
Ingredients per Table
Amino Acids
Alanine 29.6
Arginine 19.9
Aspartic Acid 75.8
Cystine 18.7
Glutamic Acid 13.9
Histidine 14.4
Isoleucine 43.7
Leucine 74.9
Lysic 65.5
Methionine 15.0
Phenylalanine 22.8
Proline 44.2
Serine 38.4
Threonine 49.2
Tryptophan 12.1
Tyrosine 21.2
Valine 40.4
Taurine 15.0
L-Carnitine 15.0
Glycine 13.9
Inositol 1.08
Biotin 4.5
Choline 2.16
Ingredients per Table
Minerals Quantity
Calcium 21.6 mg
Iodine 41.4 mcg
Cabolt 1.8 mcg
Phosphorus 18.0 mg
Iron 1.8 mg
Copper 54.0 mcg
Zinc 1.35 mg
Potassium 28.6 mg
Manganese 54.0 mcg
Selenium 2.97 mcg
Magnesium 900 mcg
Vitamins Quantity
A 144 IU
D3 10.8 IU
E 1.44 IU
C 1.8 mg
B1 180 mcg
B2 226 mcg
B6 180 mcg
B12 9 mcg
Pantothenic Acid 540 mcg
Niacinamide 540 mcg
Folic Acid 3.6 mcg

Other Ingredients :

Whole Egg Powder, Refiend Oil, Natural Flavourings, Fish Protein Concentrate, Dextrates, Stearic Acid, Silicon Dioxide, Powdered Cellulose.

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